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青岛派 丽斯自动化有限公司

集物联 网通信及电子产品、信息服 务和解决方案等软硬件研发、生产、销售、技术服 务于一体的技术型企业。

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青岛派 丽斯自动化有限公司,是一家集物联 网通信及电子产品、信息服 务和解决方案等软硬件研发、生产、销售、技术服 务于一体的技术型企业。我们擅长车载、交通、电梯、消防、养殖、智能工厂等多个领域,具有多 款自主研发产品。

Qingdao PALACE automation co., LTD., is a collection of Internet communication and electronic products, information services and solutions, such as hardware and software research and development, production, sales and technical services in the integration of technology companies. We specialize in automotive, transportation, elevator, fire protection, breeding, intelligent factories, and other fields, with many independent research and development products.

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