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What we hope to achieve in the short and long run

Industrial information platform -- Industry

Industrial informatization

Informatization drives industrialization: informatization is the trend of the world's technology, economy and social development. The level of informatization has become an important symbol to measure the competitiveness of a country and a region, the degree of modernization, the comprehensive national strength and the ability of economic growth. Informatization not only expands and enriches the connotation of industrialization, but also provides a rare historical opportunity for solving the contradictions in the process of industrialization and speeding up the industrialization process.

  • The top level is the strategic enterprise management. Here we need to specify and quantify the strategic objectives of the enterprise and define it in the information management system.
  • The second layer is the business process management layer. After the firm's strategy is clear, all business processes should be optimized and designed based on this strategic goal, and the information management should be realized. And the organizational structure of the enterprise needs to be changed accordingly.
  • The third layer is the job execution layer. The process of the enterprise needs to be carried out to the specific operation, and the specific operation should be implemented in the system.