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What we hope to achieve in the short and long run

Intelligent monitoring system for skiing field -- winter sports

Ski Field

With the snow around the resources to conduct in-depth analysis of the ski construction of necessity and feasibility, and determine the direction of development and development orientation; clear ski positioning and design requirements and principles and follow the design philosophy; combined with the actual situation of the local snow field in the SWOT analysis, to reduce investment risk; preliminary design and overview for the snow field pattern and function layout, space distribution and hydropower facilities, and according to the reasonable design of the development progress and investment cycle structure situation and local tourism market customers, the snow field investment budget.

  • The main statistical management is to face the builders of the skiing field. It mainly provides various functions such as remote detection, equipment monitoring, data statistics, data analysis, energy consumption analysis, asset management, production management and other functions of multiple meteorological stations within the jurisdiction, to meet the needs of statistical management and improve management efficiency.
  • The equipment platform mainly provides the basic operation information of the equipment running status, operation efficiency and life cycle for the equipment supplier or the engineering contractor, and provides various functions such as equipment display, transaction and so on.