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What we hope to achieve in the short and long run

Intelligent platform for animal husbandry -- Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Discrete site, big data, and this industry characteristic determines the strong demand for the material federation.

  • Site management mainly faces the users of farms, providing remote detection, video surveillance, historical inquiry, early warning, alarm, operation and management, remote control and other functions to meet the needs of farm managers and improve operation efficiency.
  • Statistical management is mainly faced with government managers and aquaculture companies. It mainly provides remote inspection, video surveillance, data statistics, data analysis, energy consumption analysis, asset management, production management and other functions of several breeding plants within the jurisdiction, to meet the needs of statistical management and improve management efficiency.
  • The equipment platform mainly provides the basic operation information of the equipment running status, operation efficiency and life cycle for the equipment supplier or the engineering contractor, and provides various functions such as equipment display, transaction and so on.